Chrome Apps released for Mac

Chrome Apps released for Mac

Mac users finally get Chrome Apps that run like native apps and can function offline. Windows users were the first to get Chrome Apps back in September of this year. Google also has a handy Chrome App Launcher, which provides quick access to all of your Chrome apps right from your dock.

Currently, there are only a handful of Chrome Apps as Google tries to get more developers to create apps for Chrome. There are big names like Wunderlist,, Spelunky, Pixlr, and WeatherBug but the app selection isn’t very compelling yet. You can find all of these apps under the “For Your Desktop” section in the Chrome Web Store.

While Chrome Apps won’t replace apps like Microsoft Office or Photoshop, it does show users what’s possible with the Chrome browser, and in turn Chrome OS. Most users spend a majority of their time inside a browser and Chrome Apps only help to strengthen Google’s ecosystem.

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