How to use Google Maps offline on Android

How to use Google Maps offline on Android

Google Maps on Android lets you save and use maps offline, especially helpful when traveling abroad without access to a mobile network. With offline maps, you can create custom maps to help you get directions anywhere in the world.

With the update to version 8.0, the steps have been simplified even more on smartphones and tablets.

1. Find the map you want to save

Open Google Maps and search for the location you need. You can do this in two ways.

First method: type the location name in the search bar and then tap on the name of the place that comes up.

Search city

Search for the name of the place you want to access offline. Then, tap on the bottom bar with the name (second image),

Second method: Manually move the map to the location you’re interested in, and then tap on the search bar at the top to open the menu that’ll let you save the map.

Google Maps for Android search bar

2. Save the map

When the menu opens, scroll down until you find the option to Save map to use offline.

Save map offline
Look for the option to save the map offline.

Enlarge the map or zoom out with the index finger and thumb on the screen to choose the map size.

Once you’ve defined the area, click on the Save button. After that, you’ll have to name the map and hit Save.

Rename and Resize

Resize and name the map

3. View maps offline, and manage them

To access the map offline, open Maps and tap on the shape of the person in the top right corner. Once the menu opens, you can scroll through to find your map.

Saved map

Access the saved map

Tapping on View and manage gives you access to a page where you can rename, delete, and update the maps you have saved.

Google Maps for Android offline

Manage offline maps

Beware of maps that expire

Offline maps can be very useful, but beware:  a saved map only lasts thirty days before it’s automatically deleted. If you’re planning a trip, save the map just before leaving or remember to update it.

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